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This site is owned by Cooks Plumbing And Heating Limited, registered office The Mill, Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot TQ12 2BD.

This page contains the terms and conditions for using this website.  If you use the site, you are deemed to have accepted them.  Please note, these are not our terms and conditions of trade, which are available separately on request from the company.

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We do our best to make sure the website contains accurate and complete information, but things can change quickly, so we cannot accept any liability arising from any inaccurate or missing information.  If you are going to rely on the information on this website to make a decision, please contact us first to double-check the information is correct.

If you notice any information on the site which you believe to be incorrect, or any functional errors, we would be grateful if you would tell us.  Please get in touch using the details on our Contact page.

The information we provide is intended to be a general guide only (for example, efficiency levels or typical financial savings).  Each client’s situation is different, so you should not take these figures to be absolute.  Our energy advisers will be able to give you much more accurate information that is personal for your circumstances.

We have included some links to other helpful websites.  Please be aware that we are not necessarily linked to any of these organisations, and we do not control the content of these websites, so we cannot take responsibility for the information they contain. 

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